Next Solo Exhibition


Oliver Martinez presents the new series " Windows of Baja California Sur " created in 2022 in his art studio located in Todos Santos.

Forty four pieces ( paintings and bronzes )will integrate the new solo exhibition in the beautiful  Contemporary Art Museum of La Paz , Baja California Sur ( Mexico) located  in the main square of the city.

For the first time you will be able to see some of his personal diaries that accompanied him during the last years on his travels whitin Mexico.


Contemporary Art Museum 

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico 


Opening . December 15th ,2023

Permanence.  May 15th, 2024








My work questions the existence of the individual since the nature and the masses. I create a reflection between the social and urban context that directly transform the human conditions as part of the adaptation process.

In sculpture I construct visually clean geometries that intertwine in subtle ways, while in painting I develop sequences of thick fillings to generate saturated atmospheres.

In both languages ​​my work is an abstraction of the individual and the urban landscape from the depersonalization within and outside of their context.

 My work is based on concepts of architectural composition that allow me to create models from two different perspectives.

In painting, the pointillism technique is integrated with the use of texture as the main element and in sculpture it is through light and the absence of detail that is evoked to minimalism.