Projects 2023

Spring 2023 ( gallery visit bookings )

Todos Santos , Baja California Sur. México


"After of a long pause of 3 years in San Miguel de Allende, the art gallery return since a new special location as a closer experience for connecting with my inspiration... the nature".


For a year I have been creating the pictorial piece "Windows" (Baja California Sur, 2022)that is made up of more than forty pieces.  Each one recounts in an autobiographical way the process of adaptation, search and encounter based on very intimate experiences that have helped me understand another way of being.


 This is the first time that I open the doors of my workshop un Todos Santos to the public before to present this new project at the La Paz Art Museum in the middle of this year.


Through this visit, the viewer will be able to locate himself in the environment from where each work was created and thus appropriate each story behind the canvas.  It will be a different way of seeing art through a new look.


 My work seeks to create a constant reflection of the individual within his social, cultural, urban and natural environment from different conditions that make us remember the most primitive of our human nature as nomadic beings.




VENTANAS . Pictorial Exhibition

Date to be defined(2023)

Contemporary Art Museum La Paz

La Paz, Baja California. México 

Oliver Martínez presents a new piece about the experience of encountering, adapting and searching in his change of residence to Baja California Sur.

Forty two paintings reveal different moments of life as an autobiographical work where the artist integrates the elements of the nature with the abstraction.  Sounds, textures, colors, people, energy build broken maps as a way of creating a connection with this part of Mexico.

"A windows is the first way to discover with a new place , but is necesary to be open for the connection possibility.

The place , the people and the moments are windows but the most important is you interior energy ". 

March - May 2023

Downtown of Todos Santos 

Baja California Sur , México 

WHAT IS ?. is an art workshop that consists of private drawing or painting classes in different locations in Todos Santos.  

THE OBJECTIVE is to share graphic and pictorial techniques to people who have always been interested in the arts. 

DRAWING,  will help to build methods to create their own ideas on paper and thus be able to have a starting point.


PAINTING , through experimentation, the student will be able to discover techniques that help me to express myself from abstraction and the figurative.

METHOD. This workshop is totally personalized to be able to resolve doubts and concerns step by step. 

THE PLACE. The workshop opens up to the possibility of changing place in order to find the basic elements in nature based on practical exercises in observing and reading the environment.

"You will learn to observe in order to draw and to express in order to paint"



My work questions the existence of the individual since the nature and the masses. I create a reflection between the social and urban context that directly transform the human conditions as part of the adaptation process.

In sculpture I construct visually clean geometries that intertwine in subtle ways, while in painting I develop sequences of thick fillings to generate saturated atmospheres.

In both languages ​​my work is an abstraction of the individual and the urban landscape from the depersonalization within and outside of their context.

 My work is based on concepts of architectural composition that allow me to create models from two different perspectives.

In painting, the pointillism technique is integrated with the use of texture as the main element and in sculpture it is through light and the absence of detail that is evoked to minimalism.