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In March 2022, the San Pedro Museum in the downtown of Puebla, Puebla will be presenting in two of its main rooms the exhibition Metropolis carried out in the last five years by the artist. The Metrópoli pictorial series and the Automatismos bronze sculpture series will be exhibited simultaneously in the same place for the first time. In this way it will be possible to know the evolution of the artist from three different cities where the work was made. Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende and León are the reference points from which his work becomes autobiographical and reflects a permanent personal search.


October 8 2021  - 9 January 2021

Martorell (Barcelona .Spain)


The Valencia Ciutat Vella Oberta Biennial, in its desire to promote and make visible the work of its artists in other exhibition spaces outside of Valencia, has achieved a collaboration agreement for the year 2021 at the Center Muxart, Espai d'Art i Creació Contemporanis de Martorell, Barcelona. This agreement contemplates the possibility of holding an Exhibition in the aforementioned Room. For this reason, I have been invited as an artist selected with an Honorable Mention at the CVO Biennial 2017 and / or 2019, to participate in this project The Biennial will also invite the artists of Martorell, selected by the Hall, to participate in our next edition 2021, with which the cultural exchange will be beneficial and enriching for everyone.


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16 november 2021 - 9 january 2022

CCC Octubre Culture Contemporary Center 

Valencia, Spain


At second time was selected to represent to Mexico in the V Biennial of Valencia.

 The piece " Refuge" ( bronze) participate in the collective exhibition in the CCC Octubre Culture Contemporary Center.


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My work questions the social identity of the individual and the masses in a given context using the human scale as a unit of measurement.

In sculpture I construct visually clean geometries that intertwine in subtle ways, while in painting I develop sequences of thick fillings to generate saturated atmospheres.

In both languages ​​my work is an abstraction of the individual and the urban landscape from the depersonalization within and outside of their context.

 My work is based on concepts of architectural composition that allow me to create models from two different perspectives.

In painting, the pointillism technique is integrated with the use of texture as the main element and in sculpture it is through light and the absence of detail that is evoked to minimalism.

Each work creates a reflection about the human condition that exists in large cities, as complex systems that transgress us to the point of immersing ourselves in a routine that makes us forget who we are as individuals.