INCANDESCENT                                                 ACOUSTIC 

                    oil on canvas     2019                                   oil on canvas   2019

         194 x 245 cms.   75.5 x 95.3 in                  146 x 245 cms       56.8 x 95.3 in  



                               INFINITE                                                             FOCUS

                      oil on canvas    2019                                  oil on canvas     2019

          153 x 196 cms.       59.5 x 76.2 in               196 x 153 cms.       76.2 x 59.5 in     


                                ECSTASY                                                      STRIDENCY 

                      oil on canvas    2019                                 oil on canvas     2019

             153 x 153 cms.     59.5 x 59.5 in            153 x 153 cms.      59.5 x 59.5 in    


                             ASCENTION                                                     REQUIEM 

                     oil on canvas    2018                                   oil on canvas     2019

          100 x 100 cms.     38.9 x 38.9 in               100 x 100 cms.      38.9 x 38.9 in   





               oil on canvas     2019

           80 x 120 cms.   31.1 x 46.7 in  


                oil on canvas    2017

          25 x 30 cms.    9.7 x 11.6 in 








My work questions the social identity of the individual and the masses in a given context using the human scale as a unit of measurement.

In sculpture I construct visually clean geometries that intertwine in subtle ways, while in painting I develop sequences of thick fillings to generate saturated atmospheres.

In both languages ​​my work is an abstraction of the individual and the urban landscape from the depersonalization within and outside of their context.

 My work is based on concepts of architectural composition that allow me to create models from two different perspectives.

In painting, the pointillism technique is integrated with the use of texture as the main element and in sculpture it is through light and the absence of detail that is evoked to minimalism.

Each work creates a reflection about the human condition that exists in large cities, as complex systems that transgress us to the point of immersing ourselves in a routine that makes us forget who we are as individuals.