INCANDESCENT                                                 ACOUSTIC 

                    oil on canvas     2019                                   oil on canvas   2019

         194 x 245 cms.   75.5 x 95.3 in                  146 x 245 cms       56.8 x 95.3 in  



                               INFINITE                                                             FOCUS

                      oil on canvas    2019                                  oil on canvas     2019

          153 x 196 cms.       59.5 x 76.2 in               196 x 153 cms.       76.2 x 59.5 in     


                                ECSTASY                                                      STRIDENCY 

                      oil on canvas    2019                                 oil on canvas     2019

             153 x 153 cms.     59.5 x 59.5 in            153 x 153 cms.      59.5 x 59.5 in    


                             ASCENTION                                                     REQUIEM 

                     oil on canvas    2018                                   oil on canvas     2019

          100 x 100 cms.     38.9 x 38.9 in               100 x 100 cms.      38.9 x 38.9 in   




                                  ADAGE                                                            SILENCE 


                       oil on canvas    2019                                 oil on canvas     2019

           46 x 118 cms.     17.9 x 45.9  in                  43 x 116 cms.    16.7 x 45.1 in  


                             EXPLOSION                                                         SUNSET  

                    oil on canvas    2019                                    oil on canvas     2018

              52 x 52 cms    20.2 x 20.2 in                       57 x 56 cms.     22.2 x 21.8 in  



                           IRIDISCENCE                                                       FULGOR 


                      oil on canvas    2019                                 oil on canvas     2019

             70 x 57 cms.   27.2 x 22.1 in                     80 x 120 cms.   31.1 x 46.7 in  


                             COMPASS                                                     PENTAGRAM  


                      oil on canvas    2019                                 oil on canvas     2018

               50 x 70 cms.    19.4 x 27.2 in                   40 x 50 cms.    15.5 x  19. 4 in    



                oil on canvas    2017

          25 x 30 cms.    9.7 x 11.6 in 






 O L I V E R   M A R T I N E Z 

   M E X I C A N     A R T I S T 


I work mainly with the sculpture (ceramic and bronze) and the painting (oil and acrylic). I learned the materials and techniques from personal and constant experimentation.


My work contains two complementary series: "Architectures of sound"(painting) and "Automatisms"(sculpture) as reflection of my artist duality. The first is more Corporal and ethereal and the second is completely spiritual and concrete.


In both ways I generate a synesthesia effect with the use of textures in my painting and the light composition in my sculpture. In my artwork is possible touch and listen the sound and the silence of the pieces with the eyes. 


My pictorial series "Architectures of sounds" is a combination of a basic architecture concepts as the space use where two different views(top and frontal) in the same scene. This effect create an abstract landscape that have infinite layers. Each painting is a scale model about different urban memories as pentagramas where the color points are sounds.


The sculpture series "Automatisms" in contrast contains anonymous characters that live in these landscapes and complete a general project.


That way I work the concepts separately, first the general and after the particular with a specific focus and expression.


The painting technique is the layers saturation and the gestual skin is the most important. I mixed the drawing with the painting as complement element. The lines are the structures for the colors and the total composition. 


My sculpture are worked first with ceramic processes and after change to bronze. The gray patina and the clean geometry allow to create soft shadows that give rhythm and balance to each piece. 


In general, my artwork have a personal language that invite reflection. My work is a result of permanent introspection where the architect talk intimate stories as a secret confession between lines.