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24. May 2020
EL ORIGEN DE MI MUNDO 1995. León "El estudio de arte es el reflejo del artista, de su momento de su búsqueda y de su esencia". Cuando recuerdo mi infancia me doy cuenta que he tenido muchos pequeños estudios de arte. El primero que recuerdo fueron las paredes de mi casa, en donde comencé a dibujar algunos garabatos y descubrí que si tus padres te dan libertad debes disfrutarla. Conforme fui creciendo los cuadernos escolares se convirtieron en espacios llenos de magia en donde me gustaba...


In the art studio, the visitor will be able to get to know the current work that I am developing about Mérida with weaving techniques. You will also be able to see some artist's diaries, sketches, preliminary projects, models, documentaries and work made during the first years of experimentation. It will be the 


 first time that visitors will be able to explore more than 25 years of artistic evolution directly from the artist in the same space. 


 Tours are free and last 30 minutes per group in a bilingual language. Visits are carried out in groups of maximum 6 people by appointment by text message. 


 At the 1 Open Studio on February 18, as part of the welcome cocktail, a special gift will be given to the first visitors as a courtesy from the artist.


Open Studio

Free admission

February 18th 5-10pm

Downtown, Merida

Location Google maps Oliver Martinez Art Studio

Street 49 #521 A  x 66 & 68


Next visits by appointment

Season 1 . February 20 - April 5






My work questions the existence of the individual since the nature and the masses. I create a reflection between the social and urban context that directly transform the human conditions as part of the adaptation process.

In sculpture I construct visually clean geometries that intertwine in subtle ways, while in painting I develop sequences of thick fillings to generate saturated atmospheres.

In both languages ​​my work is an abstraction of the individual and the urban landscape from the depersonalization within and outside of their context.